2024 Committee

AUHC Committee

The committee of AUHC for 2024 consists of 13 members, chaired by Club President Jemina Deane. The AUHC committee is elected by its members and as such will work within the best interest of our club with our activities being transparent and accountable to all club members. 

Position Name Email
President Jemina Deane president@auhc.asn.au
Vice President Mike Johnston  
Secretary (email is currently directed to Jemina Deane) Vacant secretary@auhc.asn.au
Treasurer Andrew Patten treasurer@auhc.asn.au
Facilities / Maintenance Vacant  
Junior Coordinator Jacqui Gunn / Kathy Drewer juniors@auhc.asn.au
Social Events Lili Stevens social@auhc.asn.au
Social Media/Publicity Chris Neill publicity@auhc.asn.au

Sponsorship Coordinator

Desiree Likos and Lili Stevens sponsor@auhc.asn.au
Bar / Canteen Lachlan Bellifemine   
Higher Grade Men's Representative Zac Bartsch  
Higher Grade Women's Representative Alex Oldfield  
Lower Grade Men's Representative Ashley Trenorden  
Lower Grade Women's Representative Kathryn Drewer  
Adelaide University Student Representative Shu Aoki  



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