Step 1/9: Let's get started
Step 1/9: Let's get started

2024 Registration 


The 2024 registration portal is only open to Premier League players competing in the PRESEASON CUP at this stage. 

You must pay the Hockey Australia / SA Registration Fee when you register, and you will need to select the team in which you will be playing from the list of products. The club will then invoice you separately for your club fees. 

Evidence of enrolment at Adelaide University will be required for members who select AU Student Membership. 


Our fee structure is still being confirmed for the 2024 season. We have provided the 2023 fees below as a guide only. 

Club fees consist of the Adelaide University Sport fee, team entry fee contribution, administration, coaching and equipment costs.

For Adelaide University students, if you register before March 8th 2024, there is a $10 discount. 

TEAM 2023 fees
PL / M1 - Non AU Student $525 + $220 Match Fees = $745
PL / M1 - AU Graduate $500 + $220 Match Fees = $720
PL / M1 - AU Student $440 + $220 Match Fees = $660
M2 - M6 - Non AU Student $420 + $180 Match Fees = $600
M2 - M6 - AU Graduate $400 + $180 Match Fees = $580
M2 - M6 AU Student $330 + $180 Match Fees = $510
Masters $25 per game per player
Juniors playing PL / M1 $450 + $220 Match Fees = $670 
Juniors playing M2 - M6 $370 + $180 Match Fees = $550
GK - PL / M1 (Non AU Student)           $240 + $220 Match Fees = $460
GK - PL / M1 (AU Graduate) $215 + $220 Match Fees = $435
GK - PL / M1 (AU Student) $160 + $220 Match Fees = $380
GK - M2 - M6 (Non AU Student) $190 + $180 Match Fees = $370
GK - M2 - M6 (AU Graduate) $170 + $180 Match Fees = $350
GK - M2 - M6 (AU Student) $110 + $180 Match Fees = $290
Juniors U12 TBC
Juniors U10 No fees 
Juniors U8 No fees

The fees above include ALL club membership fees, match day fees and Adelaide University Sport fees. This does not include the Hockey SA / Australia registration fee for your insurance. 

For goalkeepers to receive cheaper fees as highlighted above, they must supply their own goalkeeping equipment. If they do not have their own equipment and need to borrow gear off the club, they will be charged the fee for a normal playing member. 

All fees are payable by the due date as listed on your fee invoice. Late fees will apply if fees are not paid by this date and you will not be eligible to play finals or the following season until your fees are paid. 

If you wish to apply for a fee discount (for reasons such as absence from the season) or for a payment plan, please email This needs to be applied for before your fee invoice is due. 

Club Bank Account Details:

Account name: Adelaide University Hockey Club

BSB: 633 000

Account number: 145587457

Please include your full name or invoice number when you transfer into the club account


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