Player Sponsorship

Player Sponsorship

The priceless gift of enabling a young man or woman, to become the best they can be, both in hockey and in life.

Sponsor a player in any grade or leave it to us to assign you a player. Our player sponsors support an individual player for the duration on one season.

This is a highly valued sponsorship category, as it covers the fees or uniform for the players and allows each player to take the field each week. Your sponsored player will provide you with personal updates throughout the season. A guide on fees for our playing season can be located under the Registration tab.

As a truly amateur club with many university students that does not pay their players, we rely heavily on the support of our player sponsors!

Please fill out the following form to become an official AUHC Player Sponsor for 2022: AUHC Player Sponsorship Agreement


• Recognition on our website.

• Regular correspondence in the form of the weekly newsletter.

VIP Functions

• Invitation to the AUHC Sponsors Game day/dinner.

Tax receipt if you need it


Player Sponsors 2022

Ellen Howe (PLW) - Proudly sponsored by Malurus GW Pty Ltd

Imogen Weigall (M3W) - Proudly sponsored by Hampel General Building

Ellen Newberry (M1W) - Proudly sponsored by Sportsmed SA


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